Help My Computer Crashed! How Can I Save My Data?

If you have a lot of important information on your computer, then a hard drive crash will be devastating. Everything from family photos and music to sensitive tax documents can be lost. All of your information will vanish. If you haven’t backed it up on separate flash drives, then you might think it’s gone forever.

Thankfully, that is not always the case. Before you begin tearing your hair out, check out some ways you can recover your data.

Copy Your Files To A New Computer

If your problem is not the operating system, but rather a physical issue (motherboard or hard drive) then you will need to extract the files from your hard drive. The best way to do this is to find a device that will let you connect the old hard drive to a new computer via a USB connection.

You will need to remove the old hard drive from your computer first. Instructions for doing this safely can be found here.

Once you have the hard drive removed, you can connect it to your new computer.

A popular method is to get a USB that has an IDE or SATA adapter. This will let you plug your hard drive right into your new computer through your USB port.

Another design is a hard drive enclosure. You place the old hard drive into the enclosure. Then you connect the enclosure into your computer. This is a popular option because it protects the old hard drive from external elements such as dust.

Trouble Finding Your Files?

Once you have connected your old hard drive to your new computer, you should be able to access your files. If for some reason you can’t, there is software that can help.

Hard drive recovery software is helpful for times when the hard drive is corrupted. It can analyze damaged data files and try and make them recoverable. A computer service usually has access to recovery software that is thorough and safe to use. 

Call In The Professionals

If you’ve tried everything and you still can’t get your data, then you should turn to the experts. They offer a computer service designed to help recover data from damaged hard drive. They have special tools and diagnostic materials that the common person doesn’t have access to.

Sometimes software alone is not enough to recover data from a hard drive. There are cases when the hard drive is physically damaged and it needs to be taken apart and repaired. This is something best left to experts. If you try and take apart a hard drive yourself, you risk destroying the data.

Prepare For Next Time

Computers fail. There is nothing you can do to stop this. What you can do is prevent the headache next time it happens. The best solution is to do periodic data backups on flash drives. You can buy tiny flash drives that can hold up to 64 gigabytes of data.

Author: Francy Drake

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