Must-Haves For Your New Man Cave

Are you designing a man cave this 2015? Stuck for ideas? Feeling unsure about how to proceed? We’ve listed these characteristics of a good man cave to help you decide how yours should look and what should be in it. 

Comfortable Seating

Comfortable seating is the cornerstone of every man cave. You’ll want several different seat types and in a variety of locations, for afternoon entertaining with friends. 

  • Comfy couches. No man cave is complete without at least one or two heavily-cushioned couches. The more pillows, the better. 
  • Hammock. This is the perfect filler for an empty corner. 
  • Recliners. The more recliners you have, the better. If possible, opt for recliners with built-in cup holders. 


Every man cave needs cold beer and a location to store a variety of snack foods. Tailor your food and beverage storage options to your budget. Here are a couple suggestions:

  • Keg Cooler. Nothing is better than lounging around in your hammock and casually grabbing for a freshly-poured beer from your nearby keg cooler. 
  • Cabinetry. This is useful for storing chips, disposable flatware, and board games. 


What man wouldn’t want a neon sign that says “man cave” on it, or maybe an advertisement for his favorite cheap beer? The look you’re going for here is “I ripped this off the bar wall, and can’t even remember doing it.” Posters are also a must-have–either posters for your favorite sports team, or your favorite action adventure sci-fi thriller, or both. 


The entertainment system in your man cave should have different sections for entertaining different friends and different whims. Actually, the best man cave will have separate entertainment sectors spread throughout the room, so your friends can engage in different activities simultaneously. Here are two must-have entertainment sectors:

  • Computer station. Your computer station should have a minimum of three monitors and a graphics card for serious gaming. Make sure you’ve got more than one seat at the desk, so your friends won’t have to hover over you as they admire your gaming skills.
  • Theater with home audio. Think “top of the line” here. In addition to the largest possible screen and a light dimming switch that will allow you to create just the right environment for movie or game watching, you’re going to want floor-standing or ceiling speakers for the best possible distribution of sound. Put your theater is on the opposite side of the room from the computer station, so the two won’t compete for attention and sound. If possible, separate the theater from the computer with a moveable screen. 

Your man cave should be designed to fit your preferences, whatever those may be, but these must-haves are basically essential for a fun afternoon spent lounging around, watching the game and having a beer with friends. 

Author: Francy Drake

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