3 Reasons A Plumber Should Get An Articulating Borescope

Have you been trying to decide how to make your customers more satisfied when you are out handling plumbing tasks? Giving your customers the peace of mind that you can diagnose drain and sewer line problems without having to excavate the ground is a great way to improve your reputation for providing a satisfactory service. You can provide such a service by investing in an articulating borescope, which is detailed in the article below.

1. No Need For Excavation

An articulating borescope is a valuable piece of equipment as a plumber because it allows you to see into drains and sewer lines without digging up the ground. A borescope consists of a long tube that is able to go deep within the plumbing system pipes to give you a view of what lies inside. You are able to see the footage because there is also a video camera connected to the tube. You can capture footage of any cracks that are in pipes, which cuts out the need to excavate the ground to look manually. Your customers will know that the ground will only be excavated if you have to replace or repair the main sewer line.

2. Light Will Be Provided

Whether you are using the video recording feature of an articulating borescope, or capturing still images, you will have a clear view of what you are looking at. The reason is because the borescope has a light on it that illuminates everything that’s in its path. You don’t have to worry about the camera or light getting broken when going through the pipes, as they are designed for traveling through debris without getting damaged. The light will also show you debris that is in the way so you can navigate the camera around it.

3. You Can Evaluate the Images Later

You will have the ability to capture still images of the inside of drains and sewer lines, which will be saved on the recording equipment so you can evaluate the problems later on. All you will have to do is connect a USB cable to the equipment and into your computer to upload the images. Having the ability to thoroughly evaluate the problem before making a repair can help you provide a better diagnosis to your customers. Your customers will not have to pay for additional repairs later on that were overlooked during the initial repair. Invest in an articulating borescope for more accuracy when diagnosing plumbing problems for your customers so they will be satisfied with your service.

Author: Francy Drake

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