5 Essentials To Look For When Buying Web Hosting Online

It may seem wise to save money by using a cheaper web host for your small business, but it can cost you more than you save. While a cheap web host may be fine for a personal site or blog, a business site has requirements that can’t be compromised on. You can talk with a professional, like Wizard Net Hosting, to see what would work best for your business. Make sure your money is going towards these five essentials when buying web hosting.


Above all else, your site must be accessible at all times. Of course, no host can guarantee 0% downtime, but you should seek out the most reliable host you can afford. If you do need downtime for maintenance, make sure IT schedules those updates during the early morning or middle of the night when there isn’t much activity on your site.


On an even par with reliability is site speed. As little as a one second delay in page loading can reduce your conversions by 7%. For example, if you are making $100,000 in sales a day, that one second slower page load could cost you more than $2 million a year. Choose a web host that can guarantee you fast page load times, not only because of potentially lost sales, but because major search engines sometimes de-list sites that load too slowly, which can literally destroy your business.

Traffic Load

Your business website can suffer if it gets a surge of traffic that slows down or kills the site. This can severely damage your leads and sales. If someone is coming from a promotion or ad but the page won’t load, they more than likely aren’t going to come back; therefore, a potential customer is lost. You work hard to get your traffic, so make sure your web host works hard to handle it.


While most web users don’t fully understand web security, it’s important that you do. It’s essential that you protect your user information by choosing a web host who keeps up with updates to your content management system. They also need to be proactive in blocking intrusions and patching any vulnerabilities to prevent hacking.

Dedicated Hosting

Having dedicated hosting is well worth the extra cost instead of sticking to shared hosting. You never know who else is on a shared hosting IP, and if it is filled with disreputable sites, search engines may de-list the IP entirely, making you a victim of other people’s bad behavior. Having a dedicated server means no one else’s reputation can harm yours, and reputation is something you’ve fought long and hard for.

When you are shopping for a web host for your business website, it always pays to get the best you can afford. Having a site that is frequently offline, loads too slowly, is vulnerable to attacks, or is in the wrong IP neighborhood can destroy all the hard work you’ve done to build your business. Find a reputable company with a great reputation among your peers to ensure your site is all it can be.

Author: Francy Drake

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