4 Questions For Finding An Advertising Firm That Specializes In Golf Course Marketing

Marketing a golf course requires specialized knowledge about golfers and golfing. For this reason, golf courses shouldn’t hire just any generic advertising agency to handle their marketing campaigns. Instead, they should use firms that specialize in marketing for golf courses. Golf-specific marketing firms are able to provide a better return on golf courses’ investment, because the firms know how to reach and connect with golfers. If you run a golf course, here are four questions to help you find just such a firm.

What Other Golf Courses Have You Worked For?

Any marketing firm that specializes in marketing for golf courses will have at least a few courses they can provide as references. You’ll be able to then look up these courses to see what they’re marketing campaigns were like, and you can even call them to see what they thought of the firm’s work. You can ask about the returns they saw and how easy the firm was to work with.

Do You Have Experience with Courses in This Area?

The best marketing firm for your golf course will have worked with other golf courses in your area. Firms that have worked with other courses in your area will already know what the primary target market is and how to convert them into regular golfers. Such a firm will also still likely have relationships with the other courses in your area, which they may be able to leverage to create an area-wide marketing campaign that highlights all the courses in the region.

What Pictures Will You Use?

You’ll want to hire a marketing firm that will use real pictures of your golf course, rather than stock photos, in its advertising campaigns. The pictures that people see should be just like what they’ll see when they come to play your course. If a marketing firm isn’t local, they should be willing to send an experienced photographer to your course or freelance with a local golf photographer in your area.

Who Will Write the Copy?

All marketing plans have copy. The copy might be the text of an email or blog post, or it might be the script used for a radio ad. Whatever form the copy takes, it’s important to have it written by a golfer. A writer who is also a golfer will know the sport’s lingo, and they’ll know how to use it naturally. This little edge can make all the difference when trying to capture the attention of enthusiasts.

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Author: Francy Drake

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