5 Ways New Technology Has Advanced the Courier Industry

With each technological advancement, especially since the Internet went online in 1995, the world seems to get smaller and smaller. Although the size of the Earth hasn’t changed, it’s much easier to speak, do business with, and send and receive items to and from anyone around the world. These advancements that have seemingly shrunk the world have also allowed the courier service industry to progress. Here is a look at five ways recent technological advancements have help to advance and improve the courier industry.

1. Instant Mailing Labels

There was a time when all mailing labels had to be handwritten one at a time. With the advancement of computers, printers, and the Internet, multiple mailing labels can now be printed out at once. Since the information is first entered onto the computer, mistakes are more easily caught. And shipping information only has to be entered once and then saved so it can be accessed an unlimited number of times. This results in less labor, fewer input errors, and quicker transit times.

2. Instant and More Accurate Price Quotes

If you need to hire a courier service to ship items internationally, you should know it used to be very difficult to nail down the price ahead of time. Since international courier service is more expensive than domestic service, it was oftentimes hard for people to estimate how much money they’d need to ship a package. And without spending hours on the phone with different courier services, they would never know whether they were getting a great price.

Today, anyone can jump online and request price quotes from a bunch of different courier services in order to find the best deal. You can also look for courier services that offer discounts to regular customers and authorized resellers of brand-name courier services who often share the cost savings with customers. And you can get all this information in a blink of an eye.

3. Real-Time Package Tracking

Most shipping labels include bar codes that are scanned periodically as they make their journey to their ultimate destination. This allows both the courier service and the sender to track the packages as they move along. This is great for senders who like to stay on top of things and give the package recipients a message if their package is going to arrive late or early.

4. Instant Access to Country-Specific Customs Information

Different countries have different laws when it comes to sending and receiving items from other countries. It is impossible to know all the customs and laws for every country. But thanks to technological advancements, senders can now find this information online.

5. Tighter Delivery Windows

Not only does GPS technology help courier services know where a package is at any given time, but they are now better able to predict when that package will arrive at its destination. They can give this information to their customers to make it easier for recipients to plan for the arrival of their expected packages.

This is a list of just five ways new technology has advanced and improved the courier industry. There are many others that people in the industry would be happy to talk to you about. If you are interested in learning more about courier services, contact your local courier company.

Author: Francy Drake

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